All 200+ Prisma Filters!

From April 11, 2018

Y‘all, Prisma just released a behemoth of an update; they now have 298 different filters to choose from! That’s insane!

Even more insane, I stayed up all night, and tried out every single one of them!

And what’s more, I saved all my pictures and uploaded them to the world wide web to share with all you, my anonymous friends! Yay!

Prisma also fixed a few glitches.

Yes, it still crashes every now and then, but for the most part, filters now load much faster (including Wave, Surf, Hunter, and Breakfast which used to take forever). Also, the comment feature works now (although it’s a little unresponsive and you have to tap it a few times), so you can comment on other people’s amazing Prisma creations.

But most importantly, your photos now save with the filter information included in the file name! I guess Prisma was listening when I chastised them for not having this in my most recent review.

You still have to go to your feed to delete photos, and it still requires you to turn on your location to share photos on Prisma, but things are getting much better.

What I’d like to see in the next update:
-Fix these ^ 2 problems
-Make it so it doesn’t automatically backup photos on my phone that I save to the cloud (this defeats the purpose of uploading them to the cloud)
-Add the ability to apply multiple filters to a signal photo
-Incorporate an undo/redo feature to keep track of edit history with regard to the aforementioned multiple filters feature

So before I show you my massive Prisma undertaking, I want to refer you to my previous Prisma articles:

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Okay, now that that’s out of the way, today I’ve prepared for you a collage of the same photo with all 298 Prisma filters applied to it at 100% opacity. They are labelled for your convenience. Hopefully, this doesn’t cause my webpage to crash. Sidenote: this is the last time I do this, but, just this once, I wanted to show off everything Prisma now has to offer.

So this is a photo I took of a terrarium that I made for Mother’s Day back in…. I want to say 2015?¬† The plants have long since died, and the container currently sits abandoned in my parents’ garage.
I’m glad I decided to document it at the height of it’s glory.

And here – [drum roll, please] – are all 298 295 filters…
CORRECTION: I was unable to get three of the filters to work: Camel, Spring, Super Hero.

(Scroll over to see captions)

Phew…that took forever…which leads me to my final point. Prisma, please incorporate an “apply all filters” feature, so that I can apply all filters, wait two hours or so, and then download a zip file instead of having to do them all individually. Just a thought.

Well if you made it to the bottom, you’re a champion, and I really appreciate you stopping by.

Leave a comment. Shout out at me! Which filter is your favorite? I’d love to hear from you.

That’s all for now. Bye, bye.

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