Dark Side of Prisma

From April 4, 2018

Welcome to the fourth installment of my reoccurring series “Playing Around with Prisma.” I have thought of another illustration for my Trump Tweets series, but it’s going to take a while to draw, so for now, I’m taking the easy route out,.

I’ve got a special one for you today. This is a doodle I came across on a whiteboard at school. If you don’t yet know my feelings about Grad School, check them out here and here.

The contrast, angle, and grid lines all make for a really interesting effect with a lot of these filters. In particular, filters that I tend to hate such as Party, Heart, and Wild Stones. That’s what I love about this app; just when I think I’ve discovered everything, I find another way to use it.

I wish I had got a shot of the doodle head on, but there was a giant table in the way :/



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