Playing Around with Prisma: Volume II

So, yesterday I introduced my newest reoccurring series (I’ll get back to my old reoccurring series, “Trump Tweets,” eventually) in which I set out to go back and edited a folder of pictures, that I had labelled “To Photoshop,” using a series of Prisma Filters.

I’m happy to announce that I discovered a new feature last night, and so that kept me up playing around until 3am. The feature I’m speaking of is an auto-clipping feature that allows you to isolate the main figure in a photograph and apply the filter just to that section. So you’ll see a lot of that in the photos below. I got kinda carried away.

The photo I chose this time is one that I took of a humorous, yet dark, manikin display that I came across in a shop window not far from my apartment awhile back. I think it worked really well for a lot of these filters because of the colors, and shadows, and reflection of objects in the shop window, not to mention the pattern on the bed spread. I love the look on her face. What an expression. Look at those slumped shoulders. Kudos to whoever manufactured this manikin, and also to whoever setup this display.

You’ll also notice that the auto-cropping isn’t perfect, but in this case it worked out well, for the most part, and added a really cool effect, that made it look like the female manikin was blending in with, and coming out of, the sheets.

I think I could mess with this even further by taking some of these pictures and superimposing them on top of each other in SumoPaint/Photoshop, and then fucking with the opacity to get a cool effect.

But that’s a task for another day, and another post. If you like what you see or have any comments, plz let me know! That is all. Bye, bye, now.


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