More Fun With Prisma

From March 29, 2018

So, this blog is quickly turning into a giant endorsement for Prisma. But I can’t help it! It’s so much fun!

Up to this point, I’ve mostly been using Prisma to spruce up my webcomics (Camping is Intense, You’re Welcome Panera, Trump Tweet #12) And I also wrote a review about it, appropriately named, Disney Please Don’t Sue Me: a Prisma Product Review. But now, I find myself just playing around with it during my free time for fun.

I have a folder in my Google Drive that I made a long time ago and forgot about called, “To Photoshop.” It’s where I put a bunch of my top photos from my travels that I planned on editing and sharing…but then I forgot about it :/

But now that I’ve rediscovered it, I thought, “Why not edit these with Prisma and share them on my blog!?” So that’s what I’ve decided to do in a reoccurring series, and here’s the first one:

This is a photo I took at a national park in Ireland called, Gougane Barra.
This place was absolutely magical, and we stumbled upon it completely by accident.

The “we,” in this case, was me and my sister Mallory. We traveled to Ireland in the summer of 2015 to explore our family roots. My sister had joined a Facebook group dedicated to the O’Mahony family clan (of which we Mahoney’s are a part of). They put on an annual event in Macroom, Ireland, and my sister decided she wanted to go. But she didn’t want to fly across the Atlantic alone to a foreign country to meet a bunch of strangers with the same last name, so she invited me along.

We planned to rent a car so we could drive around the whole of the beautiful Irish countryside whilst over there, but I booked a manual transmission online because I’m cheap, and it was $100 less. But I didn’t know how to drive a stick. So, I had to learn, 2 weeks prior to departure, how to drive a manual car, and then, once I was over there, reverse that knowledge so that I could drive on the opposite side of the road.

I’m pleased to say it all worked out.

Anyway, while we were driving around the middle of Ireland, my sister and I came across a brown sign that had our last name on it. When we followed it to its final destination, we found a beautiful waterfall. So, we concluded that brown signs meant beautiful destinations, and from then on out we vowed to follow any other brown sign we came across.

Gougane Barra was a result of one of those brown signs. This place was fucking beautiful, like a fairy tail land, and I have a million more pictures of it, that I’d be happy to share in another post. But for this post, I want to share this one photo, with a million different Prisma filters on it because it turns me into an artist robot savant I’m calling, VanGoghMonetPicasoTron.

So without further ado, I present my Gougane Barra Prisma paintings:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you enjoyed, and if you have any thoughts, suggestions, questions, let me know in the comments below! Bye, bye, now.




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