Mike’s Economic Theory of Fences

From March 19, 2018

Fences are a wonderful creation of mankind. They help mark off one’s territory, keep out trespassers, and provide a degree of privacy. But their purpose goes beyond the utilitarian; they also have an aesthetic beauty to them.

Let’s explore some beautiful fences from around the world:

Here’s an idyllic, white picket fence. The type that you might imagine Tom Sawyer painting, the stuff of the stereotypical suburban dream:
Here’s another one being used in a display of political defiance and spiritual solidarity:
Here’s a beautiful wrought iron fence gently dividing sidewalk and park in town in Italy:
Gaze upon the humble wooden fence of the New Zealand shepherd:
Gawk at the magnificence of the Great Wall of China (which one could argue, is just a giant thick fence):

In most cases, a fence helps to add value to your property as a homeowner.

There is one notable exception to this rule, however: the chain link fence.

The chain link fence, when misused can actually bring down the value of not only your home, but that of your neighbors’ too. Let’s look at some real examples from around my neighborhood in Richmond, VA.

Here is a panorama shot I took of a house with a chain link fence, right next to an identical house with a white picket fence:
Notice how having a chain link fence makes you a terrible garbage person who has given up on life.

Here are those same two houses, side by side on Zillow (notice the white picket fence is $9K more but both are well below the price of their immediate neighbors):


Here are two identical houses that are directly across the street from each other. One is a cozy little cabin:
And, one is the witches house from Hansel and Gretel:

Here we have a house with a chain link fence that serves no apparent purpose, whatsoever, except to visual divide property lines and piss off the neighbors:
20180325_155043Stay the fuck out of my yard!

But folks, it doesn’t have to be like this. A fence is an investment in your home, and you should never consider a chain link fence unless you have 65 acres of isolated property. You may think it’s beautiful or practical, but the truth is, you’re wrong and you have poor taste. Expect more of yourself! Upgrade today! Help out your community!

…I’ll take my Noble Prize now.


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